Office Wall Murals

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Office Wall Art

Decorating an empty office space can be daunting with so many blank spaces to fill. Once you have your tables, desks and chairs in place you may find your office needs a little spark. Office signage is the answer! There are several types of sign products to decorate your office wall. For large blank walls, consider a wall mural or decal. Office wall decor can also be canvas posters or acrylic signs. 

Custom wall murals are a unique way to fill space, communicate your company message or promote your product and services. Our high-quality full color wall decals will add personality to your business while creating colorful art for your wall. Wall murals are used in museums, restaurants, businesses, retail stores and schools. They can be installed inside or outside as shown in these garage level signs. Business wall murals are a trend for branding and can be applied as permanent artwork or for short term promotions. All murals are printed on adhesive vinyl and professionally installed. Check out some examples of Wall Decals/Murals

Canvas Posters are affordable and easy to install on your own. They are available in all sizes and do not need framing. Our high resolution full color canvas wraps are digitally printed on semi­gloss canvas material and each canvas is carefully hand wrapped onto MDF  stretcher frames. Quickly transform your message into a piece of artwork. Choose from a black or white edge print where the image is only on the face of the canvas. Other framing options include the folded edge option, where the image is printed large enough to wrap the frame and Mirrored edge where the sides of the image are mirrored to the sides of the canvas. Examples below are the folded edge option.

Acrylic Posters dress up any office space. Custom acrylic posters come in all sizes and provide a clean modern aesthetic. Full color posters are mounted to the Acrylic and ensure your colors will pop. Custom stand-off hardware is available in gold or silver giving your artwork a 3 dimensional look by creating separation from your wall. Consider acrylic on your next design project.

Whatever you decide to do to decorate your retail, school or office space The Graphic Edge is here to help with the design, print and installation. Call today for a consult.

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