Meter Boards

Meter Boards can be temporary disposable signs or sustainable and re-usable. They are often used for promoting an event, product or sponsor. They can also be used for directional and way finding information due to their slim size and sturdy bases. They provide high visibility and numerous impressions throughout your event.

Meter Boards can be single or double sided and fit almost any space. They are easy to set up and remove. Disposable Meter boards are available in four widths and can be up to 8′ tall. Sustainable Meter Boards come in two widths and offer affordable replacement graphics to be used for multiple events.

Sustainable Meter Board Features:

  • 8 oz. Tension Fabric
  • Full Color High Resolution Dye Sublimation Graphic
  • Interlocking Tube Frame
  • Heavy Duty Base
  • Soft Sided Canvas Travel Bag
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 36″ x 90′”
  • 48″ x 90″
  • Template furnished

Single Use Meter Board Features:

  • Meter Boards can be up to 8′ High
  • Print single or double sided on 1/2″ White Gator Board
  • 24″ , 30″, 38″ and 48″ widths available
  • Cardboard or Metal Bases Available
  • Black Corrugated Meter Bases sold separately
  • Disposable