Tension Fabric Pillow Case Curved Display

Tension Pillowcase Curved Display

The Tension Pillowcase Curved Banner Stand includes a durable lightweight aluminum hardware stand with a high resolution fabric graphic. Just insert the hardware into the pillowcase graphic and zip closed at the bottom. Comes with carry bag.

The Tension Fabric Curved Banner Stand is the most convenient hardware available. Simply connect the numbered tubes of the frame and wrap up with the graphic from left to right, then zip up and your display is ready. The high resolution graphic is made with a tension fabric that ensures a clean presentation and bright detailed images. Comes with carry bag in two affordable sizes. .

Tension Fabric Curved Display Features

  • 8 oz. Tension Fabric
  • Full Color High Resolution Dye Sublimation
  • Sturdy Silver Base
  • Scratch Resistant and Washable
  • Canvas Travel Bag
  • Lightweight and Portable

8′ Size Features

  • Graphic Size: 102”W x 91”H
  • Display Size: 96”W x 89”H
  • Weight: 20 lb
  • Package Size: 32”W x 11”H x 11”D

10′ Size Features:

  • Graphic Size: 124.5”W x 91’H
  • Display Size: 120”W x 89’H
  • Weight with soft case: 22 lb
  • Package Size: 32”W x 11”H x 11”D