About TGE

The Graphic Edge has been in business over 20 years with previous experience in offset printing and advertising.

The Graphic Edge has a team of talented designers that work quickly and efficiently to meet your graphic needs. We do step and repeat design for $55, table throw design for $30. All other projects quoted after consult.

Every project is unique and comes with different variables to consider. The Graphic Edge brings years of experience both on the client and the vendor side and we can help you determine the exact product and style for your needs.

At The Graphic Edge we pride ourselves in seeing your project through to the end. Whether that requires shipping direct to you or setting up your event, we are happy to meet your high expectations every time. 


File Specifications

We suggest 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size.


  • Flatten all Objects/Gradients/Swatches/Symbols/Special Effects/Transparencies
  • Outline all text
  • We print CMYK only  (we do not print Pantone/5th/Spot/RGB)
  • 150 dpi
  • If using a template, the file uploaded to our site should match the exact “template size” (different than “graphic size”).
  • Do not scale template files, just flatten them and save at 150 dpi
  • Files over 200″ can be scaled
  • Under 300 mb for upload


  • Remove EVERYTHING from your file that you do not want printed on the final product  – especially  hidden layers and template guidelines. 
  • Make sure all objects are embedded and flattened (we do not print Non-Native Art).
  • If the file is made in Indesign, please flatten the file in Illustrator or Photoshop and export to a JPEG ONLY
  • If using Compound Paths to create transparencies/shapes, please completely rasterize or flatten them into the file or they may print incorrectly.

High Resolution JPG and PDF (single page). 

Our trade show displays and stands come with a template with specific guidelines. Always build to size with no bleeds or cropmarks (for trade show displays only.) See FILE SPECIFICATIONS above.

Yes. Just like transparencies, hidden layers in artwork can have unpredictable results when printed. These results are not always visible in previews. We highly suggest that you remove any layers, objects, and effects that are not meant to appear in the final graphic or you may flatten the artwork or submit as a jpeg.

Instead, please ensure that all fonts are outlined prior to file upload.  If you are using Photoshop, please provide flattened file only.

No, it is always best to flatten any file you send. We consider flattening transparency part of basic file setup and will not check for this issue. 

We only print 4 color process (CMYK).  If you use Spot or Pantone colors, please have them converted to process colors prior to file upload.

We use #2 grommets, which are approximately 3/8”.  Grommets are placed every 2′ standard.


Projects usually take 5-7 working days but can be expedited upon request.

All installers are insured, COI upon request.

An order can be canceled  prior to it entering into production.

If there is any issue with your order you must report the problem within two business days after the delivery date. Please call us and a representative will assist. If you do not contact us within that time frame we will assume that your job was correct at the time of receipt.

Orders shipping via FedEx Ground may take 1-5 business days in transit depending on your location. Weekends, holidays, and observance days do not count as transit days. 

Note: We are not liable for late shipments due to FedEx exceptions, such as bad weather conditions. If you received a late package and would like to be considered for a shipping refund, please notify us. We will contact Fedex to see if a reimbursement is possible, however, it is not guaranteed.