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Street Pole Banners ensure that your message is seen from near and far. They have citywide exposure and high visual impact that can be used to provide a unified and consistent message. Pole Banners are usually displayed on lamp posts of main roads in cities and on school and corporate campuses. They can be used to promote an event, brand an outdoor space, create a holiday theme or identify specific locations. When ordering a light pole banner, it is important to consider the material, hanging technique and message.


Light Pole Banners stand out wherever they are displayed. They should be printed on a durable 18 oz Vinyl in order to ensure they withstand most weather conditions. Typically, lamp pole banners are double sided so make sure your printer is using blockout vinyl to avoid show through on your graphic. Your message can be the same on both sides or different and shouldn’t affect your pricing greatly. The vinyl should be waterproof and UV safe for outdoor installations. Light pole banners can be printed at any size based on your existing hardware or venue specifications. Common size of light pole banners are anywhere from 18″, 24″, 30″ wide to heights between 24″ and 96″. Most pole banners have double stitched pockets and grommets in each corner. Wind slits are optional but we do not recommend them as they actually make the banner vulnerable to tearing based on our experience. The Graphic Edge prints one piece of material double sided but can provide two banners and sew them back to back when requested.

Hanging Requirements

The Graphic Edge Light Pole Banners will conform to most city and campus requirements. Finished banners have double stitched pockets and a brass grommet in each corner to keep your pole banner in place. For additional protection consider the optional finishing services including webbing, reinforced corners, sewn rope or D-rings with webbing.

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If you have existing pole banner hardware it is important to know the exact size of the pocket that will conform to your poles. Most pockets are 2″, 3″ or 4″ top and bottom. When creating your banner file make sure to keep in mind the exact template required for your size pockets. Note template for a typical 18″ x 36″ pole banner (the pockets are actually included in the finished size of the artwork). The Graphic Edge can supply you with a template for your designer to work with or we can create the graphics with your direction.

Lamp Post Banner
Light Post Banner Graphic Template

If you are adding street banners to your light poles, The Graphic Edge sells hardware kits including Two Fiberglass Arms, Two Mounting Brackets and Four Steel Bands. Street Pole Banner hardware kits are easy to install or we can install for you.

Street Pole Banner Kits


Pole Banners can be designed for maximum exposure using bright colors, recognizable images, logos or short messages. They are excellent for schools, retail centers, townships, museums and religious institutions. Consider holiday themed promotions or use them to promote a specific event. Street pole banners can be replaced and are affordable so don’t be afraid to use them for seasonal or promotional message change outs.

The Graphic Edge is looking forward to working with you on your next Pole Banner order.

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