What is going to happen to the traditional Trade Show?

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Trade Shows

Will the trade show industry rebound? That is the question of so many vendors and suppliers that have been negatively affected by the Pandemic. My printing company has lost sales in upwards of 40% of our business.

Trade shows are a big part of the marketing strategy for many companies. They raise brand awareness, launch new products and generate leads, but most importantly, they offer a way to connect with customers. Introducing your product to so many, all in one place, can be very beneficial not to mention the human contact with your existing clients.

Any business who uses trade shows to market their product knows an attractive inviting display is a huge factor in bringing people to your booth. You want to look professional, interesting and communicate your message quickly and efficiently as potential sales walk by your booth. Booth Displays come in all shapes, companies use Retractable Banner Stands, Pop Out Booths, Table Throws and Danglers to create an inviting atmosphere. That is where The Graphic Edge comes in, we supply the printing and hardware to decorate your blank 10′ x 10′ space.

The research I have read says there will be a revival of Trade Shows. People need in-person interactions and experiences. Live events like conferences and trade shows provide environments where people can develop new relationships, deepen existing partnerships, learn from each other and most importantly, support our need for socialization.

With the enormous impact of useful technology, we have pivoted. We Zoom, we email, we google share and work from home in our PJ’s. It seemed at one point in person offices were not needed and then May become August and August became January and now people are tired of being at home alone. They are distracted and miss the interaction of coworkers, hallway collaboration, coffee breaks, travel, and the focus gleaned from an office without shared family spaces and home chores.

Technology is great, but some aspects of trade shows and conferences don’t translate well online. For example, retail and product sales – people want to see physical products in person. Mailing prototypes all over the country is not cost effective and you have no way to see the reaction of your potential buyer. The camaraderie is hard to achieve on line and building mutual trust through a handshake and over lunch or a cocktail is now being re-examined. Research shows, when we are in someone’s presence, we are more apt to actively participate.

My hope is that once we get to the 2nd quarter, the demand for in-person conferences and trade shows will once again explode.

So….please Trade Shows, come back! Help me help you sell your product.

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