How to Order a Custom Feather Flag

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indoor feather flags

Feather flags are used to draw attention to your business or event with bright colorful graphics and are suitable for indoor or outdoor advertising. Using a custom feather flag is an easy way to get your message to your customer quickly and affordably. Whether you are communicating a sale, opening of a new business or using for directional signs, the feather flag is an excellent form of advertisement.

Feather Flag Kits are sold in several sizes from 8’ to 20’. Choosing the right height for your feather flag will be based on your budget and the area that you want the message to reach. It is important to understand when ordering a feather flag that there is a difference in the size of the flag and the flag height. Normally the actual fabric flag is 2’ shorter than the flag kit, due to the stake that is used to hold the feather flag. This works in your favor as the bottom area is usually not seen from a distance.

Feather Flag with Spike

Feather flag kits typically come with ground spikes encompassed in the total price. The ground spike will easily insert into dirt or sand. However, many times the flag will need to be placed on concrete or indoors on a hard surface. When you need a base that allows you to place your advertising flag on a level surface, there are several options available.

Feather Flag X Stand

The X stand is the most common and affordable solution and works well when you are not concerned about wind. Another option is the square base which looks more upscale and can provide a sturdier application. Either of these options can be secured with a water bag for extra weight for windy conditions.

Flags are printed on a 4oz polyester scratch resistant silk material that is washable.  The bright dye sublimation print provides a colorful graphic and uses durable ink that can last outdoors for several months to a year depending on the conditions. Once your flag looks faded or “beat up” it is time to replace it to make sure you are displaying your company in a favorable way to your customers.

Feather Flags can be printed single sided providing show through on the backside of your flag meaning the reversed image is shown at about 60% opacity. Double-sided flags are designed to read the image clearly on both sides and allow maximum visibility whether coming or going.

When designing your custom feather flag, remember to consider the small area you have to communicate your message. The first decision is the background color. It is important to choose a color that will get attention and compliment your brand. Colors that are brighter can get more notice but might not fit with the personality of your brand.

Choosing where to place your flag is very important. Make sure to choose the most visible area not too far from your business. Flags should be located where they can generate the most amount of traffic.

Messaging for your feather flag is usually focused on one word with directional information or just your logo. Because a feather flag only has a small amount of space, it is not intended to tell your whole story. Rather, you want to get the message across quickly and to effectively draw people to your business or event. Some people consider buying several flags and adding one word to each flag to create their message over a series of flags.

Although, it is tempting to keep your feather flag out all year consider removing it and only using it to draw attention during special promotions. Most people tend to ignore the message if they see it every day. Over time the flags will be more effective if used sparingly.

Giant Feather Flag Dallas
Final Four Giant Feather Flag

If you are considering a feather flag for your business or event, call The Graphic Edge and we can help you decide the right size, message and quantity to ensure you purchase the best product for your business. Feather flags are affordable and easy to use. When it comes to promotional events or businesses that have a physical location, a strategically placed feather flag can draw in outside traffic.

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