Covid 19 Signs for Schools

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Hand Wash Sign for Children

If you are planning to welcome young students back in the Fall, you will definitely need our package of Covid 19 Signs for Schools. However, you may have noticed the preschool and early childhood crowd may not be represented in the standard signs available at most sign shops or on the internet. In order to stay safe, it is important to be able to communicate to the kids with easy to read signs they can understand and follow.

The four elements to a useful safety sign are:

  • Simple Text – Signs should be short and easy to understand.
  • Colors – Only use a few colors to keep the sign visually clear and easy to read.
  • Placement – Safety signs should be placed near where you want the action to take place and at eye level to the person reading the sign.
  • Size – Signs do not need to be large to be noticed. Make sure the font can be read from a distance of at least five feet.

But what information do these children need to see? There are basically five consistent messages the CDC recommends to schools to promote safe health practices but trying to find kid friendly images could prove to be a challenge. At The Graphic Edge, we offer custom safety signs using your school logo, mascot and message to easily communicate to your children or you can choose from some of our pre-made signs.

Five messages for sign solutions:

  • Proper Hand Washing
  • Social Distancing
  • Wear A Mask
  • Hand Sanitation Stations
  • Cough in Your Elbow

Message One – Hand Washing

One of the most important lessons we need to teach small children is proper hand washing techniques. Hand Washing Posters can be placed by a sink in a classroom or adhered to a mirror in the restroom as a Hand Washing Sticker.

Message Two – Social Distancing Floor Graphics and Signs

It is hard to teach a young child not to group in the hallways but asking them to stand on a specific color or using a social distancing floor decal is something they can understand.

Reviewing your school’s traffic patterns, paying attention to entrances and exits and hallway movement will help determine where you may find bottlenecks that could benefit with additional identification.  Some areas may need to be re-worked to avoid close proximity between students and adults. Using easy to identify floor decals is an excellent way to communicate these new (hopefully) temporary procedures.

Message Three – Wear A Mask Poster

While wearing a mask for young children hasn’t become the standard yet, it is never too early to teach these safety techniques. Whichever side of the fence you are on with mask wearing, many scientists and governors believe that masks are one of our number one defenses to fight viruses. Masks may not be needed in all areas of the school but some educators have decided that using a mask in the hallway is best when groups of children may be co-mingling. Children like structure and will adapt to most anything. Going to their cubbies and grabbing a mask before leaving the classroom can eventually become a habit.

Message Four – Hand Sanitization Stations

Strategically placed hand sanitation stations can be identified with a sign. Children can be taught to keep their hands clean by using hand sanitizers when a sink or soap isn’t readily available. Make sure to have stations set up by entrance and exit doors and outside each classroom to ensure the children have clean hands when coming and going throughout their day.

Message Five – Cough into your Elbow Signs

Teaching youngsters to cough into their elbows can be done with easy to identify visuals using identifiable images placed around the school as a quick reminder. Hopefully, these signs will encourage students to keep their hands away from their faces.

School Clear Desk Dividers

As you consider your re-opening plans, keep in mind other products that can create a safe atmosphere for your staff and students. Desk shields have become a necessity for many school and office environments. School Desk shields can be customized with school logos or areas where the student can decorate their own privacy desk divider.

Providing safe Covid 19 Signage can be kid friendly, consider C. Ray’s Thought Pops!, students can use to get teacher’s attention during classroom discussions.

The Graphic Edge remains committed to providing safety solutions for any school or day care environment. When you need social distancing identification, from floor graphics to entrance signs, we are here for you. Call today and let us help you design a custom package that meets your unique school.

Safety Signs for Schools

Lynn Fellhauer

Lynn Fellhauer

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