How to Order Perforated Window Vinyl for your Store Front

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Perforated Window Vinyl Signs display your message to people outside your store, while still allowing those inside to see out.  Whether you choose your logo as your message, lifestyle photos, current store promotion or product photos, windows are a useful piece of “real estate” to utilize and can also have a tremendous impact on your business.

Choosing to create a long-term promotion on the outside of your store can be a daunting task when you don’t know anything about the process.  It is important to work with a professional sign company during the process from conception to final product. These steps will help guide you through your project.

  1. Decide your message and the windows you want to cover
  2. Choose a professional sign company
  3. Schedule a site survey
  4. Create the artwork
  5. Print and Install

Decide Your Message

Deciding your message is like buying a piece of furniture, it is something that you hope to last a long time and you don’t mind looking at on a daily basis. Most clients utilize their logo, lifestyle and product photos or an informative fun tag line. Using patterns or solid colors can also create an appealing visual for your audience.

Choose a Professional Sign Company

There are many sign companies to choose from when searching on the Internet. Make sure to visit their websites and look at examples of other window graphic projects the company has done. Visit their Facebook page and check reviews. There are many companies that offer the service but it is important to find someone that is willing to take the time to listen to you and help navigate the process to ensure an excellent experience and final window graphic. You don’t need to use the most expensive printer but be wary of any low-ball quotes you receive.

Schedule a Site Survey

Plan on paying for the site survey, as a team will need to travel to your location, measure each window and provide a professional survey document.  Many sign companies will offer a budget quote that will allow you to decide which company you want to work with before paying for the site survey. For a budget quote, the sign company will ask for a photo of the install area, address and estimated sizes of your windows – make sure each company you are quoting has the same information for a “ballpark” estimate.

Once you have chosen your sign company, the next step is to schedule a site survey of the area for installation. The install team will come to your location and measure all the windows to provide accurate print and design specifications. It is important to add this step as you don’t want to get all the way to your install date with perforated window vinyl that is either too large or small for the area.

Create the Artwork

Creating the artwork is an important step in ensuring you are happy with your perforated window graphic treatment. Once you have decided your message, colors, photos or text you will be using, it is time to create the print ready files utilizing the site survey. Most print companies have specific graphic guidelines like ½” bleed on images and outlined fonts, etc.   The printer should let you know the file formats they work with, usually Photoshop or Illustrator. If you are not working with a designer, ask the print company to do the art or for a recommendation of a professional graphic artist.

Perforated Window Signs and Installations

Print and Install

Printing and installation of your perforated vinyl should be pretty quick. Once the approved files are created, email them to the printer if they are small enough or use a file transfer program like Google Share, We Transfer or Dropbox. The printer will send your graphics through their pre press department and add the overlap required to make sure your image looks continuous on the windows. Most perforated vinyl has size limitations so your graphic will need to be split with proper overlap included.  Press proofs will be sent to you one final time before printing. After the job is printed, the salesperson will coordinate installation with you and their team. Installing is a very detailed process, don’t skimp on costs and make sure you are working with a detail oriented installer.

There are several important steps to take ensure your perforated window vinyl project meets your expectations. Once you have decided the message you want to display, you will want to call a professional sign company to partner with. Your print and installation partner should be able to help you from concept to installation. Consider The Graphic Edge Dallas for your next window graphic project.

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