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Super Bowl Morning

Super Bowl was finally here. Hoping that Game Day would be slow,  we were looking forward to having a little fun. Our passes were all access and we had freedom to roam the entire stadium.  James, Chris and I arrived at 7am to meet a shuttle to take us to the stadium.

Cowboy Stadium Signs

We opened the sign shop, the stadium was already hopping. We were told the last week before Super Bowl was pretty quiet for sign needs but so far that wasn’t the case. Each day continued to have a bunch of sign and banner orders. I think Cowboy Stadium had its own unique challenges. Our immediate client’s job was to communicate via signage to the Media/Players/Fans/NFL staff/Halftime Talent and anyone else involved in the game. Every time they sent their team to “walk” the stadium, they came back with another list of additional signs.  James and I decided to walk around anticipating the calm before the storm.

Sport Stadium Signs
Steelers Locker Room

Around 10:30, I could hear on the “walkie talkies” that there was a seating problem. In the next hour, chaos ensued and we got about 50 new Seat Number Signs only to be pulled off of that project and told to start printing big signs that said “Seat Solutions.” James and Chris were busy with that project, but it was hard for me to stay in the “sign hall” as so much was happening outside our offices. We were directly across from the Packers Locker Room, I watched as they all headed to the field to warm up. I was told not to take pictures and be a gawking fan but I couldn’t help it and kept texting my sister with all that was happening.

Arlington Stadium Signs
Off to win Super Bowl XLV

George Bush’s limo pulled up across from our sign shop and I had to stop to gawk at them. I also had to go to the fan shop and shop. Poor James was working so hard and me and our employee Chris couldn’t sit still, we kept going to see what was going on.

Sign Room View
George and Laura Bush arrive in Limo

The game starts and we are pretty much done with the signs. I have no seat so I wander behind the Packers bench and watch the game and text some of those pictures to my friends.

Stadium Banners
Field View in the Miller Lite Bar

I know I am not being very professional but it was so cool to be this close to the big game.

The Miller Lite bar was where some famous people came to mingle with the fans.

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson gets some Nachos and we all stand around and watch, crazy

Halftime was even more amazing. We were right on the field watching it all around us. So much excitement. Poor James had gotten sick by this time. He hung in there the whole month through snow and ice but he finally caved to an unfortunate strep throat. I had to drag him out to see the halftime show. He had been watching the game on TV with the Packer bus drivers. The stadium had put a large screen TV in everyone’s office area. So nice.

Finally left the sign room
James waiting for the Halftime Show

The Black Eyed Peas played my all time favorite Guns and Roses song, Sweet Child of Mine.

Video Signs
Black Eyed Peas

Up on the big screen they tell the audience what to do. The glow sticks are in the seat cushions that every fan had on their seats.

View after signs all done
Halftime Show

During halftime, I got one more text from my client with a sign they had forgotten to produce.

Sports Signs

After halftime, I felt compelled to walk around the entire stadium and check out some of the Suite Signs we printed. I was invited to join this very enthusiastic Steelers fan.

Suite Signs
Rich Steeler Towel Fan

After the Packers won the game, Chris dragged me across the field into all the confetti. It was surreal and the fans were screaming all around us, at least the Packer’s fans. We stayed to watch the trophy ceremony.

Sign tech
Chris Lopez, our dedicated employee

After the trophy ceremony, it was all over. Kind of anti-climatic. We high fived and said good-bye to our client. Cleaned up the sign shop. We had a week to get our equipment out of the stadium. It was sad to leave, but, The Graphic Edge, definitely had our 15 minutes of fame.

The last thing we got was several “seat cushions” as we ran into a guy who had about 1200 in big garbage bags. Hmmmm

James and I celebrated our victory at the IHOP and then went home to sleep for about two days. We printed locker room signs for our kids and pretty much wrapped up The Graphic Edge year (or two) and Super Bowl XLV.

Locker Room Signs

Picture of Lynn Fellhauer

Lynn Fellhauer

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