Silicone Edge Banners

Cutting edge custom Silicone Edge Displays will take your exhibit to the next level.

SEG or Silicone Edge Graphics are high resolution dye sublimated printed fabric that is hemmed with a silicone edge sewn around the entire fabric. The silicone edge  is designed to insert tightly into a custom frame. The frames are edgeless and have a groove around the perimeter allowing the graphic to stretch and insert into the channel around the frame.

With a SEG frame you can produce amazing displays every time you use it – whether branding events, setting up a trade show or creating a POP display, SEG displays provide a professional and clean experience. The reusable modular system allows you to display your message single or double sided. You can combine frames for a unique space and add accessories such as storage, table, shelves or monitor holders.

This is the ultimate display solution with high-quality fabric prints that puts your message in the foreground and sets you apart from the competition.


  • Flexible in shape and size
  • Reusable fabric and options for modules
  • Excellent quality graphic
  • Integrate a lightbox to enhace your message